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2013 Price List

So sorry. No longer accepting new memberships at this time.



PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE: When registering, at check-out select the down payment option when choosing your payment method. We will then work with you to set up a payment plan. Contact us for more information. 

2013 C.S.A. Shares

Includes Buying Club  

32 weeks: May 14-Dec 17 (RegistrationClosed)

At around $23.50 a week for Berea/Richmond residents and about $26.50 for Somerset/Lexington, this is your best deal for three seasons of fresh local produce.

Berea/Richmond $750                  Somerset/Lexington $850 

32 Week-1/2 Share: Bi-Weekly, May 14-Dec 17 (Registration Closed)

If you can't use the abundance of a full weekly share you can order a 1/2 share with delivery of a full basket every other week.

Berea/Richmond $395    Somerset/Lexington  $445

16 Week Summer Share: May 14-August 27 (Registration Closed)

Are summer vegetables your favorites? Then this 1/2 year share may be what you are looking for. 

Berea/Richmond $395                 Somerset/Lexington  $445

16 Week Fall Share: Sept. 3-Dec. 17

Busy summer vacation plans? Then join us in the fall for the best of the end-of-summer vegetables followed by the crisp greens of cooler weather.

Berea/Richmond $395                 Somerset/Lexington  $445 

10-11 Week Shares

Not ready to make the 32 week commitment? Try us out for one of our 10 or 11 week shares. We'll help you along the way giving you hints of easy ways to prepare and store the season's bounty.

           Spring/Summer: May 14-July 23 (11 Weeks)(Registration Closed)

            Berea/Richmond $275                 Somerset/Lexington  $300

           Summer/Fall: July 30-Oct 8 (11 Weeks) (Registration Closed)

             Berea/Richmond $275                 Somerset/Lexington  $300

           Fall/Winter: Oct. 15-Dec 17 (10 Weeks)

             Berea/Richmond $250                Somerset/Lexington  $275


Add-On Shares

 Egg Share:  Get a dozen of fresh-off-the-farm eggs delivered in you C.S.A. basket each week. $4/Week.

 Rogers Mill Beef Share: Each delivery, you will receive 5 lbs. of lean beef, pasture raised on grass and native herbs with no growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids. It is aged for 3 weeks so you have a safe, delicious and healthy beef option. Each bi-weekly or monthly delivery will include ground beef and a variety of other beef cuts.

32 Week: Monthly (9 Deliveries) ($315.00) (Registration Closed)

32 Week: Bi-Weekly (16 Deliveries) ($560.00) (Rgistration Closed)

16 Week: Monthly (5 Deliveries) ($175.00)
16 Week: Bi-Weekly (8 Deliveries) ($280.00)
10-11 Week: Monthly (3 Deliveries) ($105.00)

10-11 Week: Bi-Weekly (6 Deliveries) ($210.00)

Pastry Share: Each weekly delivery will inlcude a loaf of bread and three pastry items.

16 Week Share (Fall) ($192.00)

10 Week Share (Fall/Winter) ($120.00)