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About the Buying Club






Every week, farmers will post extra produce, value-added items (breads, preserves, pastries, etc.), eggs and/or meat on our website from which  buying club members can then order. For C.S.A. members, these extra items will be delivered in your weekly basket. Buying club membership is free with the purchase of a C.S.A. share. 

 If you don’t purchase a C.S.A. share, you can still purchase a buying club membership and only receive the items you buy on-line each week. Your order will be delivered to our C.S.A. delivery locations. The fee of $25 (Berea/Richmond) or $35 (Somerset/Lexington) covers transportation and administration costs.

To sign-up for the buying club, go to our Membership Sign-up page. The on-line store will open the week-end of May 11, 2013 to be delivered at our first C.S.A. pick-up locations on May 14, 2013.