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Meet the Farmers


The Farmers


Mark and Jennifer Walden: Blizzard Hill Farm

Walking in their grandparents footsteps, Mark and Jennifer Walden along with cousin Drew and his partner Lindsey share farm duties at Blizzard Hill Farm. Nestled among the knobs of Berea, they raise chickens, heritage pigs and a wide variety of naturally grown vegetables.


Carolyn and Jacob Gahn: Sweetgrass Granola

After digging dirt on other farms, Carolyn and Jacob Gahn have launched their own enterprise in Garrard Co. where they raise pastured poultry, grow sweet sorghum, and will practice sustainable logging on the wooded acreage. They also started a hip granola company, Sweetgrass Granola.


Drew Elliot and Lindsy Winland: Clementine's Bakery


When not in the fields with cousin Mark at Blizzard Hill Farm, Drew Elliot and his partner Lindsey Winland are baking bread, cookies and other goodies in the kitchen of Clementine’s Bakery.


Jane Harrod: Rogers Mill Farm


Siblings Jane Harrod and Roger Snyder run Rogers Mill Farm, a 5th generation hill farm with a long history of growing natural, chemical free food and sustaining our beautiful Boone Creek Palisades for fishing, kayaking and hiking.  


Janet Meyer: Berea College Farms


Janet Meyer is the assistant farm manager at Berea College Farm which provides students with practical learning experiences in sustainable agricultural production.



Ramon Grimaldo: Grimaldo Farms

Ramon Grimaldo and his family have farmed for six years on the rolling hills just north of Richmond. Grimaldo Farm is the home to a menagerie of jersey cows, goats and chickens as well as fields of naturally grown produce.



Mike and Melinda Lewis: Gaining Ground Farm

Roscoe Lewis, with the help of his parents, Mike and Melinda, run a small sustainable farming operation, Gaining Ground Farm, in Rockcastle and Madison Counties. It is the first certified Homegrown By Heroes farm in the nation.


Susana Lein: Salamandar Springs Farm


Salamander Springs Farm is a small-scale unmechanized farm designed and managed using permaculture principles and practices. They use cover crops, organic compost and mulches instead of extracted petroleum-based fertilizers or pesticides. Their soil is not treated like mere dirt but like a living ecosystem, teaming with life and stable organic nutrients which feed their crops naturally. Salamander Springs Farm grain & bean fields, market gardens, orchard, nut trees and pasture are developed and managed based on permaculture principles. . For details of the farm philosophy and practices implemented throughout the seasons, review Susana's permaculture teaching slides of the farm (2001-2012)

Will Meurer: Wholesome Living Farm

Wholesome Living Farm is a transparent, pasture-based, holistically managed farm located on the edge of the beautiful Bluegrass in Clark County, Kentucky.  Owned and operated by Will and Ashley Meurer, Wholesome Living Farm utilizes multi-species, rotational grazing practices to fulfill our mission to steward Creation in a redemptive way that builds soil, builds forgiveness into our ecosystem, and builds a bridge between our patrons and the food that nourishes them.

They are committed to a ministry to offer our local community integrity food that fully honors and respects the soil, the animals, the people, and the landscape we all share.  They are humbled by the opportunity to provide your family with real, nutrient-dense food. For more information, see their website