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Acres of Harvest Newsletter Issue #11

Posted 7/22/2013 3:44pm by Mark Walden.

2013 Newsletter, Edition 11




Zucchini  * Chard * Cucumbers 


Cylindra Beets 


Onions * Chard * Cucumbers * Basil * Arugula 


June Apples 

Dozens of Recipes Now On Our Website

We created a page with dozens of recipes specifically for vegetables included in this week’s basket. We chose quick and easy recipes with few ingredients or master recipes that can be used with many different kinds of vegetables. We also included some vegetable basics including storage and preparation tips. You can search the recipes by clicking on the vegetable’s name on the left sidebar. We have access to a database of thousands of recipes from C.S.A. farmers around the country so if you are not seeing what you need, please let us know and we will track something down for you. Also, if you have a recipe to share please send it our way so we can pass it on. You’ll find the recipes page under the C.S.A. tab of our website or you can go to  


I know that some of you may be heaving a anguished sigh at the sight of these two appearing in the basket again. Being a C.S.A. partner means riding alongside the farmers and this is what nature is giving us these days. Our warm weather crops are coming along but the frost on and off through May gave them a rough start so we ask you to bear with us. Here’s a recipe that pairs beets and greens in a tasty way to help ease the ride.

 Greens with Beet Vinegar

2 large or 3 med. Beets

1 c. rice vinegar

3 tbs. sugar or honey

½ tsp lemon juice

Sour cream or yogurt

1 large bunch greens (chard, arugula, beet greens)

Cook the beets and remove skins. Puree with . rice vinegar, sugar or honey, lemon juice and pepper. Simmer puree 5 min in saucepan and cool. Meanwhile, chop & stem greens. Steam until tender and drain. Toss with butter and a little pepper to taste. Arrange the cooked greens on serving platter, spoon over some of the beet vinegar (to taste) and garnish with a generous dollop of sour cream or yogurt.

Eating Locally All Year Long

For those of you who have joined AoH in order to buy more of your food locally, a reminder about the lean months of January-March. Because of the poor light quality during that time of year, it is quite difficult to grow food in Kentucky even in a warmed green house, an expense very few local farmers can afford. So, now is the time to prepare for those lean winter months.

June apples are coming in and our friend, Darrell Harrison has a bumper crop. Besides being in the C.S.A. box this week, they will be available in the Buying Club this week-end at bulk discounts.

Fellow C.S.A. farmers from Breezy Willow Farm in Maryland claim that you can freeze  apples whole or sliced to be used in pies, baked goods and sauce later in the year. Saucing apples is very easy where you do little more than peel, core and heat the apples with a little water until they get mushy. Applesauce can be canned or frozen. Instructions for both freezing and saucing apples are on our website on the recipes page.


Anyone who has spent time in Berea will certainly know Darrel Harrison who is supplying C.S.A. members with June apples this week. I’m from Richmond so he was new to me and I naively asked about his life. He modestly described himself as care taker for Owsley Fork Lake. Seeing that this is Berea’s main source of drinking water, this role is vitally important but as the interview progressed, it became evident that he has played many other roles beyond the reservoir. And I mean many roles…in local and regional theatre, in voiceovers and in movies.

 If you worked at or attended Berea College you may have known him in another role as director of campus security or perhaps as P.E. instructor of martial arts.  Having had a few aggressive P.E. teachers in my past, I found that pairing  a little  intimidating until he told me that he is now retired and runs Cedar Haven Wellness and Arts Center in Berea. As I perused through the website ( I saw offerings of banjo & guitar lessons, tai chi and yoga of which Darrel is an instructor.

 So your apples this week are from a martial artist, P.E. instructor, security officer, actor, yogi, wellness advocate…and orchardist. Now, how ‘bout those apples!

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