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Help Farmers Help the Hungry

Acres of Harvest has partnered with God's Outreach Madison County Food Bank in Richmond, KY to help farmers help the hungry.  You can purchase healthy, fresh food from local farmers using our on-line store and we will deliver it to the food bank. The purchases you make through Acres of Harvest has a double benefit. It helps local farmers approach a living wage with a reliable market and gives the hungry access to the healthiest food available.

Ways to donate:

1. Purchase a C.S.A. Share for God’s Outreach Food Bank: Purchase a share on your own, with a group of friends or encourage your church or other organization to sponsor a share. One share will provide a weekly basket of fresh, seasonal produce in a quantity that would give a family of four a healthy daily serving of fresh vegetables and fruit. The price of a 32 week share averages to just $23.50 a week but makes a sizable contribution of essential nutrients to hungry bodies. Add on a beef or egg  share to provide much needed protein. Other share types are available.


See our membership sign-up page for more information.

2. Purchase a C.S.A. for yourself and split the basket with God’s Outreach Food Bank: At pick-up, choose the produce you’d like to send on to the food bank and we’ll get it there for you. You can also arrange to donate an entire basket to the food bank. This is a handy option when you are traveling and are unable to pick up your order.

3. Join the on-line Buying Club and purchase individual items to donate to God’s Outreach Food Bank: This is a great way to donate farm fresh eggs, grass fed beef, handmade bread, and a wide variety of seasonal  fruits and vegetables. Order some for yourself and some for the food bank.  You can pick your order up at our Tuesday delivery sites and send the rest to the food bank. Or, you can just  order for the bank and we will  deliver it.

To donate, click here and you will be directed to our registration page.

Registration Details:

If you'd like to  donate food  through a C.S.A. share or a Buying Club membership  and want the entire share or buying club order to be donated, choose the Berea/Richmond option on the registration page. On the "pick-up location" page, choose "God's Outreach Food Bank" as your pick-up location and we will deliver the food for you.

 If you'd like to split your C.S.A. share or Buying Club orders with the food bank, choose your most convient pick-up location on the registration page  and on the "pick-up location" page. At the weekly Tuesday pick-up, you can choose which items you want to send on to the food bank and  we will deliver them for you.