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About the C.S.A.




Acres Of Harvest (AOH) is a multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that helps farmers and members create a sustainable relationship. A  C.S.A. is a partnership between those who grow food and those who eat food. C.S.A. members support the farmer by buying a share of the year’s harvest. Money is paid in advance of the season so that farmers can purchase essentials  needed for growing your food. Most produce sold in Central Kentucky travels about 1,300 miles. Meanwhile, our own neighborhood farms are often unable to survive. By investing in a C.S.A. you  give the farmer an assurance of  income and in return, farmers provide you with a weekly basket of a variety of fresh, locally grown food.

With a single-farm CSA, members take on the production excesses and failures of one farm. Farmers provide the diversity required by a family diet for several families. In a multi-farm CSA, farmers still grow a variety of produce, but if there is an insect infestation, another member farm can provide for the lack of that variety. The members always receive diverse produce – and farmers can concentrate on varieties particularly suited to their soil and local climate (The local climate in KY varies – especially with the hills and forests!).

We also offer a Buying Club which gives you access to an on-line food hub where you can purchase fresh or packaged food from local farmers. Weekly orders will be delivered to a market in your area. 

Produce for our C.S.A. and Buying Club is from small, family farms adhering to the Certified-Naturally Grown Principles which insure that the soil is enriched each season, that the produce is raised using pesti-cide regulations more stringent than even certified Organic, that no GMO’s are knowingly grown, and that small farmers are responsible to one another for the health of the soil and the produce. The CSA also provides important education for Growing Warriors – a program to help veterans become farmers.