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Staff Members
Mark Walden (Assistant Director - Production Manager)

Mark is active in the community helping to develop logistical connections for a true regional food system. Mark is also a farmer and production manager for Growing Warriors. He supplies technical advice to growers throughout the region. He is dedicated to creating means for farmers to work.

"Together we can feed our communities!"

Tisha Weaver (Education Coordinator)

I go to the grocery store once a month

Mike Lewis (Veteran Outreach Coordinator)

Mike is a farmer/veteran committed to increasing access to fresh, local, and nutritional food to our communitites by mobilizing our nations veterans to produce it.

Jennifer Walden (Co-Manager - Acres of Harvest CSA)

Jennifer has a long history of feeding family and friends. Jennifer now has the to feed her community through her management role with Acres Of Harvest. She will be an active facilitator for community education in growing, sourcing, preserving, and cooking the bountiful harvest of high quality naturally grown vegetables produced in her region.

" I connect you to your food!"